Terrapia and the power of phytotherapeutics

With a lecture on the power of phytotherapeutics in the formulations of terrapia combined bioactive supplements, “Pharma Trade BG” always participated in the tenth autumn conference of the pharmaceutical company “Sting”: “Virtual union – products “On Focus” and “Alliance Service”. The traditional event gathered over 60 pharmaceutical companies and was attended by about 500 pharmacists and specialists from all over the country. “Pharma Trade BG” participated with its own stand, where all 12 products from the terrapia series were promoted, as well as the drug “Rupafin”.

During the first day of the large-scale event, immediately after the official opening, “Pharma Trade Bg” was the first to deliver its 30-minute company presentation “Terrapia – the power of phytotherapeutics. The new today”, with speaker Radostin Radev, national sales manager of the company. He emphasized the synergistic action in the composition of all 12 products from the herbal series and presented the excellent clinical results of a study conducted among Bulgarian patients with “Uroterra”. In conclusion, he emphasized to the audience that terrapia is a symbiosis between traditions, centuries-old experience and evidence-based medicine.

The event, which went under the motto “On the Crest of the Marketing Wave”, was held on September 30 and October 1 at the Wave resort, Aheloy.

terrapia is a series of organic products with an expertly selected composition to achieve a quick and excellent effect.

terrapia products are complex bioactive formulas of herbal extracts of controlled origin. The recipes are developed in such a way that all the included ingredients work to ensure the effect and synergistically to achieve maximum effectiveness of the applied therapy.

Terrapia products are manufactured by Biohealth International GmbH in Münchberg, Germany (Bavaria region). Today, the German company is among the leading international producers of bioactive products, nutritional supplements, medical products, dietary foods, sports supplements, cosmetic products, etc.

terrapia uses only and only ingredients that have been confirmed in world studies as well as in long-term practice as to action, effect and safety. The brand has certificates of guaranteed origin and extremely high quality.