Vianex Greece

Vianex is a Greek pharmaceutical company founded by Pavlos Giannakopoulos. It's part of pharmaceutical industry since 1924.

With nearly 100 years of experience in the field of medicinal products, VIANEX carries out a wide spectrum from activities, which include manufacturing, trading, exporting and distribution of pharmaceutical products for all therapeutic classes. S exceptional manufacturing capabilities in its four state-of-the-art plants, VIANEX has expertise across the spectrum from pharmaceutical products and continuously develops its strategic plans.

Galenica SA

One of the largest Greek pharmaceutical companies that promotes scientific research with responsibility to health consistency and responsibility by developing high quality and innovative pharmaceutical products. Founded in 1974 by pharmacists Denis Varelas and Basile Tamvakas, the company many soon turns into one of the most dynamic companies in the sector, with impressive rates of growth and development.

Minerva Pharmaceuticals Greece

With over 80 years of knowledge and experience in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, today MINERVA It is PHARMACEUTICAL a modern, Greek company that is developing dynamically in the pharmaceutical business sector industry.

MINERVA has been a starting point and a symbol of trust among doctors, pharmacists and patients since 1935 Mr. To date date, thanks of its long-term cooperation with leading international companies, the high level of organization and management, specialized scientific staff and modern and complete production units, MINERVA is a synonym of innovations in Greek pharmaceutical industry.

Olvos Science Greece

Olvos Science is among the most dynamically developing Greek companies in the pharmaceutical sector without recipe (Ο.Τ.C., Consumer Health Care), medical devices and nutritional supplements. Leading company through development on modern and highly recognized products in the field of health care, protection and prevention.

In 1992, Galenica, analyzing and recognizing the promising growth potential that characterizes the market of non-prescription pharmaceutical products (Ο.Τ.C., Consumer Health Care), includes Olvos Science with clean marketing orientation in the OTC pharmaceutical market.

URIACH Spain, Founded in 1838

The oldest laboratory in Spain. The second oldest laboratory in Europe! The research institute, laboratory and production are located in Barcelona, Catalonia.

HA TECH Australia

HA TECH is an Australian based biotechnology company dedicated to research and development on innovative diagnostic products, biopharmaceuticals and medical technologies.

Pharma Trade BG is an exclusive partner of HA TECH for the distribution of SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Multiplex Diagnostic Kit.


Biohealth International GmbH, Germany is a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements, medicinal products products and dietary foods. In this sensitive sector, the experienced team of Biohealth International GmbH guarantees a rich experience, trust and reliability.

The company manufactures all products with modern equipment and under strict control. The concepts of hygienic zones and routes, allergen management, own control laboratories and qualified staff are part of the insurance on the safe side production of all ingredients. Biohealth International GmbH is certified in accordance with the most important national and international standards including ISO, FSSC, Organic and GMP