The team of PHARMA TRADE BG EOOD believes that good relations with partners and customers are built on the basis of respect and trust. We strive to develop by providing:

Quality products for patients;

Quality promotion based on medical evidence;

Quality working conditions for our team and the constant improvement of their professional skills.

We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business operations. We align our every step with the needs of customers, because the success of our customers and partners is success for us.

This means maintaining a precise balance between high quality in daily work and affordable therapy.

Our core values

To satisfy the needs of Bulgarian doctors and patients for new innovative molecules or established medical products in medical forms that are currently missing on the market;

To provide Bulgarian patients with access to world-class treatment;

To provide Bulgarian doctors with new therapeutic approaches and the ability to reach new heights in the treatment industry;

To provide top level products


Dynamic development in the field of healthcare management and the deployment of a strong base of key customers;

Increasing the company's assets and sales;

Building and maintaining a good reputation in the field of health services;

Strategic development through a focused, customer-oriented approach and providing high-quality products and services;

With care and responsibility for your health.