News in the therapy of vestibular disorders

Vertigo, as a common symptom, was the main topic in a webinar organized by and pharmaceutical company “Pharma Trade BG”. In the framework of the online event “Vestibular disorders – causes, symptoms and treatment”, the peculiarities of the symptomatology and treatment of vertigo were discussed, as well as the role of nutraceuticals as an additional therapy for the most common vestibular disorders.

The lead speaker of the webinar was the prominent neurologist Ivan Milanov, who emphasized a common problem in neurological practice. “About 20% of people over the age of 60 have vertigo,” shared Academician Milanov, stressing that vertigo in itself is not an independent disease. There is always some other reason behind it.

What is vertigo?

During the one-hour webinar, it became clear that vertigo is not an independent disease, but a symptom of a variety of syndromes and is due to impaired function of the peripheral or central vestibular system. It occurs due to asymmetry of the vestibular system associated with erroneous sensory information.

Describing the most common manifestations of vertigo and patient complaints, Academician Milanov added that the first and most important thing, which unfortunately rarely happens in practice, is to differentiate dizziness from vertigo. “Every patient will tell you that they have vertigo. But the key question is, is something moving around it or is it moving? If it doesn’t move around something, it’s not vertigo, if objects don’t move around it, it’s not vertigo, it’s vertigo,” added Academician Milanov.

Leading symptom

According to him, vertigo is a leading symptom as far as frequent classic syndromes are concerned – benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, vestibular neuritis, Meniere’s disease. It can also be the main or concomitant symptom of multiple otorhinolaryngological nosological units involving the inner ear. It occurs as a result of acute or chronic viral or bacterial infections of the ear, occurring with serous or bacterial labyrinthitis. Vertigo also occurs post-traumatically (barotrauma, contusion of the labyrinth), with chronic inflammatory bone processes, as well as with inner ear lesions in the perioperative course.
New studies and therapies

In the final part of his lecture, Academician Milanov presented the latest studies in vertigo therapy, with special attention being paid to the well-proven combination of cinnarizine 20 mg and dimenhydrinate 40 mg, which significantly improves the vertigo symptoms of all examined patients. In this regard, Academician Ivan Milanov pointed to the product “Vertigix” as a new and successful option for therapy, because with its double mechanism of action (cinnarizine 20 mg and dimenhydrinate 40 mg) it affects peripheral and central vertigo in over 65% of patients.

The role of nutraceuticals in vestibular disorders

The second lecture of the webinar “Vestibular disorders – causes, symptoms and treatment” was devoted to the effective nutraceutical approach to vestibular disorders and the proven benefits of some of the most popular products of Terrapia’s bioactive herbal and herbal extract formulas. Mag. Pharm. Svetoslav Stoev, clinical pharmacist and lecturer at MU Pleven, started the conversation by clarifying that he chooses to talk about terrapia products because they perfectly fit the definition of nutraceuticals.

“The market is flooded with nutritional supplements and one can often be misled. That’s why I always only talk about products for which there are clinical trials, proven quality and an expected therapeutic response. And this is the so-called nitroceutical or nutraceutical therapy. How is it different from standard nutritional supplements on the market? A nutraceutical is a food supplement with properties that have been proven through medical science. Including clinical studies, post-marketing observations, meta-analyses of publications of clinical studies in the literature, etc.,” explained the lecturer in detail. And he emphasized that the maintenance of high production quality and standardization is the other mandatory mark of nutraceuticals, distinguishing them from mass nutritional supplements on the market.

Why terrapia bulges?

The herbs and herbal extracts in the Memoterra and Relaxiterra formulations were discussed in detail and the benefits of taking them for various problems of patients with vestibular disorders were highlighted. One of the most common reasons for them is impaired circulation and microcirculation of the blood flow. “The most common symptoms related to memory and concentration disorders, cold extremities, microcirculation disorders are tinnitus, vertigo, feeling of heaviness in the legs. Regarding the central nervous system, this can lead to cognitive deficits, degenerative changes, vertigo (dizziness), ischemic brain incidents, loss of functions,” listed mag. the pharmacist.

Vertigo is a common clinical manifestation and in the development of mental disorders and overstrains of varying severity and symptoms – anxiety, panic attacks, climacteric nervous disorders, premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea, sleep disorders of a different nature, chronic stress and burnout syndrome, as well as states close to depressive ones. “In the modern world, we have a patient selection of about 20% in which vertigo and complaints of vertigo disorders can be related to mental overexertion,” explained Mag. Pharm. Svetoslav Stoev.

Mild neuroses

According to him, with its synergistic composition – hops, lavender, passionflower, cocoa, valerian, lemon balm, “Relaxiterra” is an excellent product for the therapy of such mild manifestations of neuroses. “Not because it’s diverse, but because it’s very well put together.” Today, it is not enough to select an ingredient that has a certain biological activity. In the case of “Relaxiterra”, when two or more ingredients together lead to an optimal effect of the therapy, then the synergy gives us the opportunity to increase its effect without compromising the safety profile”, added mag. the pharmacist.

The expert emphasized that it is extremely important to distinguish between products on the market that are nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals. His recommendation was to always follow the experience, knowledge and data from clinical studies behind each ingredient in the various formulations. Only the presence of scientific evidence for the effect of a product, we can expect health benefits.
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