Pharma Trade BG with leading participation in professional training “BETTY My Pharmacy”

Over 300 pharmacists and representatives of pharmaceutical manufacturers gathered at the professional training “BETTY My Pharmacy”, which took place on June 10-12 at the Rila Hotel, Borovets. It took place under the motto “Together Again”, and the special sponsor of the event was “Pharma Trade BG”.

“We chose this message because for us at PHONIX Pharma, these two years were a time in which we had the opportunity to explore new ideas and put effort into creating a different and modern format of this event with long-standing traditions in our company,” , shared the hosts.

In the two-day event, all 40 participants: exhibiting partners, had the opportunity to meet the pharmacists and present their new products and conditions. During the actual part of the conference, instead of the traditional lectures divided into several sections, the new element was the workshop meetings with representatives of 4 companies, among which was “Pharma Trade BG” with its full product range.

Pharmacists were divided into four groups in advance. Each workshop meeting lasted 30 minutes, after which the participants had the opportunity to ask their questions, participate in various raffles with prizes or get involved in practical activities organized by our partners.

During the workshop meetings, Radostin Radev, national sales manager of “Pharma Trade BG” and his team, presented in detail the 12 products from the terrapia series and their application in various fields of gastroenterology, urology and neurology.

Traditionally, the conference evening ended with a gala dinner with the kind support of our partners from “Pharma Trade BG” and the special participation of the beloved pop singer Silvia Katsarova.